Upcoming events



Breaking Boundaries a panel on relationships between mothers and daughters at Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival in the good company of Leah Kaminsky, Kerri Sackville & Abigail Ulman on 7th May

Written on the Body a panel I’m chairing with the authors Heather Morris & Jessica Friedman¬†at Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival on 7th May

In-conversation with Yvonne Fein about her new book in St Kilda library on 17th May at 6:30pm. More details to come.

In-conversation with Leah Kaminsky and Sofie Laguna, Bringing Characters to Life, Bayside Writers Festival 27th May at 11:15am at Highett Neighbourhood Community House.

Promotion is not a Dirty Word! Bayside Writers Festival a panel alongside Jane Sullivan, George Ivanoff & Eleni Hale, facilitated by Rochelle Jackson. 27th May at 4:15pm at Highett Neighbourhood Community House.


Pathways to Publication a panel in Watsonia library alongside Angela Meyer and Lisa Dempster on 13th June. More details to come.