Short Works Samples

short-works-mangoSamples of creative nonfiction

No Permit for Dignity, Griffith Review, Issue 51, 2016
Living the Beauty Paradox, Seizure, 2nd Edition, October 2015
The honesty problem, Meanjin, 74(1), 2015
Of monsters and monogamists, Kill Your Darlings, issue 12, January 2013
Passion in a time of war, Griffith Review, issue 35, 2012
Writing between languages, Westerly, no.53, 2008
Hamlet in the classroom, Griffith Review, issue 11, 2006

Samples of fiction

The Suicide-Bomber Barbie Doll, Griffith Review, issue 57, 2018

The Bridal Lesson, Griffith Review, issue 29, 2010

Finding the Angles, Griffith Review, issue 26, 2009
Sultry nights in Sokhumi and Melbourne, Etchings, Issue 5, 2008
Melbourne – New York Line, Etchings, Issue 1, October 2006

Samples of poetry

The allure of history, Spoon Bending: A Chapbook curated by Kent MacCarter, 2014
Trimmed Wings, Cordite, Issue 30, July 2009
Suggestions for a girls’ school curriculum, Cordite, Issue 26, July 2007
Every woman needs a Jewish husband, Cordite, Issue 26, July 2007
Lovers in Melbourne, Snow Monkey (USA), No.15-16, 2004


My essay on motherhood ‘Wearing the Mother outfit’ (Mothermorphosis, 2015 MUP) is mentioned in this review in The Australian and in this review in Right Now