In the Media


mediaHere are some examples from my media appearances that are not related to my recent books The Dangerous Bride and Rebellious Daughters (samples from media related to those books can be found on the books’ pages).

My poem Permanence is being read by a professional actress, then discussed by Coffee Podcast hosts.

I spoke about my favorite novel ever on The Grapevine, RRR radio (the last 30 minutes of the program).

On the Couch with Lee Kofman

An interview for Creative Life Podcast

An interview for The Heso Project, US-based blog

I spoke about my PhD findings about women and non-facial scars on Drive (ABC Canberra) on 26.5.15, on Breakfast with Red Symons (774 ABC Melbourne) and Afternoons with Sonya Feldhoff (891 ABC Adelaide) on 27.5.15. I also discussed my finding on Radio National New Zealand Nights program with Bryan Crump.

‘Investigating the stories behind the scars’, an article about my PhD research at RMIT News

ArtsHub re-publishes my podcast for Writers Victoria about writing the uncomfortable

Mentions of my blog for Writers Victoria in The Age on March 2013 and December 2014

Interview on The Wheeler Centre website for their series Working with Words

An interview in Lip Magazine for their column The Bookshelf Diaries

A podcast interview about my transition to writing in English and about memoir writing

A radio interview about my experiences of writers’ retreats on ABC Book Show with Ramona Koval

A radio interview about a poetry event I organised for Overload Poetry Festival 2007, on RRR Playlist